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Watch This VR6-Swapped Volkswagen Golf Rip Up The Nurburgring

We all know now that the Nurburgring is one of the most dangerous tracks in the world. Being a public road, anyone can drive on it, and thanks to this we have access to plenty of videos of drivers crashing and spinning out in front of reams of other vehicles. So when we find a video of someone driving around the circuit, annihilating tyres like nothing else, we can’t help but share it with you guys.

This is Misha Charoudin’s latest video, and it features Kristel, who drives her Volkwagen Golf 2 around the ‘Ring like she stole it. Since buying the car and building it with her friends, she’s driven the ‘Ring almost every weekend. The engine has been swapped out for a VR6 engine, the interior completely stripped for maximum weight loss, and a roll cage added to help with rigidity and safety. She loves her car so much in fact, that she has the VIN tattooed onto her arm.

Misha tells the camera that Kristel is one of the few women who are interested in racing on the German race track, but with her car producing 225 horsepower, she is more than happy to give it her most. Even Misha, a Nurburgring veteran, feels his heart in his mouth as she keeps the pedal down over the Planzgarten crest.

We can’t wait for more women to jump into the racing seat, especially after the passing of Sabine Schmitz. The ‘Queen of the Nurburgring’ has left a legacy that will certainly be continued by the brilliant women currently in the industry like Kristel, Abbie Eaton, and Toni Breiginer.

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