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Watch What Happens When A Honda Driver Loses Patience With A Ford F-150

A video posted by a driver lucky enough to have a dashcam in their car has shown why getting aggressive on the road can lead to a really, really bad day. The action happened between a Honda Accord and a Ford F-150 Raptor, and occurred after the Honda driver attempted to push ahead of the stream of traffic.

The driver of the Japanese car actually gained quite a reputation even in the short amount of time they were around other drivers on the road. The driver behind the dashcam admitted that they’d already almost hit them moments before the incident, but what eventually happened shocked them massively.

“This Accord nearly sideswipes me, then decides to play chicken with the Raptor almost hitting him. I guess that pisses the Raptor off and that’s when video starts,” they said in the video caption.

The Honda pulls up on the two cars ahead of it, obviously wanting to get in front of the Raptor as it’s almost taking jabs towards the truck. The Honda ends up undertaking the traffic on the hard shoulder, but the Ford isn’t having any of it so accelerates to match the Honda’s speed and attempts to block them.

In doing so, the Honda over-adjusts and flies off the road, blowing through the barrier and hitting a cliff face to the side of the road. Thankfully, according to the video uploader, the driver was fine when the police got to him.

This is just yet another lesson to prove that regardless of how annoyed you get, how angry you are, or how much time you’re losing, don’t bother pushing your luck. The likelihood is that you’ll be fine, but if it does go wrong, you’re the one missing out.

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