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Watching This Deep Clean Of A Smoker’s Dirty Car Is Extremely Satisfying

Smoker’s cars are the worst, aren’t they? I get it, you want to smoke in your car and you have every right to do that. But then you try and sell it and there’s is almost nothing a mortal man can do to remove the smell of smoke from the car’s interior. This lowers its value and makes it very hard to sell.

But this man isn’t mortal. He goes by the name of The Detail Geek on YouTube, and by using a number of different techniques such as drill brushing, steaming, and extracting, he’s able to make this absolute mess of a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse look almost perfect. 

As you can see from the opening clips, the car is filthy with cigarette ash lining the carpets and seats, and general dirt and dust everywhere you look. He begins with an exterior wash, complete ridding the poor silver paint of layers of old mud and salt from the Canadian roads. Snow foam is then applied to add lubricity and release even more dirt from the gaps in the body styling. After a proper rub down, the car’s looking decent… until you open the door. 

The mats are pulled out, brushed, and jet washed. They were so bad that this was the only method that would give them a deep enough clean to get them smelling fresh. And what’s more satisfying than watching years of dirt flying out from within the carpet fibres?

Eventually, the seats and centre console are pulled out and the whole car is given a once over with a vacuum. Unfortunately, thanks to the cheap carpet of the car, it’s very difficult to remove all of the dirt, but he does what he can to get an almost perfect finish. , which includes shampooing the whole lot and extracting the dirt. 

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The finished product is incredible, and the owner certainly likes the look of it when she comes to pick it up. Hopefully, she’ll keep it in a better condition now.

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