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Wednesdays are ‘Race A Cop Day’ At Sonoma Raceway

I’m sure after we all saw Baby Driver, the first thing we all wanted to do was rob a bank and lead the police on a high speed chase throughout the city (No? Just me?). Doing so, however, would be a one way ticket to a bad time, so of course, common sense kicked in and we just sat back and enjoyed the movie.

However, if you really feel that need to race the police, there’s a place you can do it legally (a few places around the nation, actually). At Sonoma Raceway in California, Wednesdays are devoted to letting high school students race the police. It’s part of a program to improve the public perception of law enforcement, giving teens a safe space to burn some rubber.

The program, called “Top the Cops,” is entering it’s 23rd year and was start by Kevin Mckinnie, a retired police officer who started the program to help cut down on illegal drag racing. Not only does “Top the Cops” help get rid of the some of the street racing scene, but it also builds a positive relationship between the community and the police.

But wow, do all these kids come from wealthy families or something? Some of these cars are insane. My high school car was a clunker; some of these kids are driving around in new Challenger RTs, Chargers, Mercedes, and completely modified drag cars. Must be nice to have such a ride in high school!

Tony Hsieh

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