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What Car Models Are Really Worth It?

With nearly 2000 car manufacturers currently in service, and even more having gone defunct in recent years, it’s no wonder people want to know how reliable a car brand is before they put money on the line. And it’s true that some manufacturers are better than others, but which of them can you really be sure will turn out a good model every single time? We’ve listed the top 4 below. 


The Lexus line of cars has rated very highly in most categories at multiple award shows for the past decade, and there’s a good reason for that! It’s simply a good car manufacturer, for families and individuals alike, especially in terms of longevity. 

Japanese made cars can be quite cheap to fix overall, compared to Western-made cars, and that’s great when you’re always on the road or don’t have the budget for a new car every couple of years. You can even get owner benefits, depending on where you are in the world, which really helps to make the Lexus ‘experience’ one people talk about. 


Ford is always going to be in the top 5 spot when it comes to car manufacturers; as one of the oldest, most well-known car companies in the world, Ford has a long history of turning out reliable car models. 

The Ford C-Max range, for example, has always been known as a great family car, but more people are buying into the Crossover models these days. They’re known to be incredibly fuel efficient, spacious, and even good looking by car model standards. 


Toyota is another Japanese brand that ranks highly on most lists. Known to be one of the most reliable cars currently on the market, they’re a popular and accessible option for people all over the country – you won’t see any shortage of working second hand vehicles. 

The Toyota Prius, for example, is one of the biggest and most recognisable models on the road at the moment, and there’s no shortage of support for Toyota owners either. However, they can be a little pricey to operate over a long period of time, namely 10 or more years. 


A car manufacturer that prizes aesthetics and performance over everything else, if you invest in a Volkswagen vehicle, you’re sure to race down those roads faster than anyone else. 

And whilst not nearly as dependable as the other cars on this list, any Volkswagen line has a lot to offer, thanks to just how well they’re built in terms of comfort level, accessibility, and performance potential. Volkswagen cars also tend to retain their value a lot longer than the other cars above, so even a used model is a great fit. 

Of all the car brands in the world, there are about 60 that crop up as household names. So, make sure you’re aware of just how storied a manufacturer’s history is, and what models they’re rolling off the line before you head to a dealership. 

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