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What Is The Best Car For a Road Trip?

No matter where in the world you come from, the road trip is something that everybody wants to try at some point in their life. Whether you follow the Boys’ journey across the US, down Vietnam, or fancy going on an adventure a little closer to home, there is always an adventure calling not too far from where you live. But, to make a road trip a success, you need the right vehicle, so which is the best car for a road trip? 

The Classic

What better way to enjoy your road trip than going for the classic VW Hippie van to take you across the country? There is a reason this is such a popular option for anybody who wants to see the world a different way, and its enduring quality speaks for itself. 

This is a vehicle that will provide exceptional character to your road trip, but it also comes with its fair share of functional benefits. The size means it can fit more people inside, and there should also be space to sleep comfortably without needing to camp outside every night. 

However, as it’s a little different from a standard sedan, there might be a slight learning curve when first driving it, which could hold your adventure back. 

The Cool

Picture the scene: you’re cruising down the highway; music blaring, and the sun is setting over the horizon. You have your sunglasses on, and your hair is flowing in the wind. Cool right? Exactly. 

A convertible is a fantastic way to enjoy your road trip, whether you go for a Chevy, BMW, Mustang, or whichever else you prefer. They are cool, eye-catching, and many have the speed that’s vital for highway driving. 

But, they also come with several drawbacks. They aren’t the biggest cars, so don’t expect to bring the whole family, and the quality of the car means it’s ripe for vandalism or theft, especially if you’re cruising through towns with a bad reputation on the way to your destination. 

The Conservative

If you want to take the entire family on a road trip over the next school holidays, something conservative, safe, and reliable is just what you need. Many people will go for something like a Ford, especially a spacious 4×4 to tackle mountain roads and tricky terrain, but this will often come down to what you prefer. 

Sure, you don’t get the rock ‘n’ roll road trip experience you dreamt about as a kid, but you will get a different adventure. One that you can look back on with fond memories for the rest of your life with the people you care about the most. 

There’s not enough space to sleep, but you’re still sure to find a family-friendly campsite along the way, wherever you go. 

Road Tripping

If you have the chance and the time to get out on the road, then why not do it? All you need is a free spirit and the right vehicle. Luckily, there is something for all situations, so whether you’re going solo, travelling with friends, or taking the family on the trip of a lifetime, the best road trip car is the one that feels most like home. 

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