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What We Know About The New 2023 Ford Mustang Revealed

The Ford Mustang has seen success from the UK to USA as its sixth generation is starting to come to the end of its life. The S550 has been around for 7 years now, and while Ford has kept it modernised with updates and a slew of interesting engines, the Pony is starting to get tired in a world of technology.

Now it looks as though Ford is getting ready for a 7th generation of the iconic muscle car, tagged as the S650. But before you start worrying about it potentially being some kind of all-electric crossover like that other Mustang we don’t speak of, the S650 is sticking to its V8 heart, albeit with a potential hybrid version in the mix.

We’ve looked at all the leaks, all the sneak peeks, and heard about all the tweaks, and this is what we know about the upcoming 7th generation Ford Mustang S650.

What does the upcoming Mustang look like?

  • have a scroll through the Instagram post above

We’ve only seen one leaked image of the upcoming Mustang, and a slurry of photos of a highly camouflaged test mule, so we can’t give exact details here.

But what we can tell you is that, from what we’ve seen, the basic shape will stay much the same to the outgoing car, with an open trapezoid grille, long bonnet, and a sloping rear quarter that comes to a boxy end at the rear of the car.

The front headlights look similar to that of BMW’s, with a square, retro design to its daytime running LEDS. See the photo below:

So not much of a change really? Well, no. It was originally rumoured that the new Mustang will take on the new rear-wheel drive platform from the Lincoln Aviator/Explorer, but this seems to have gone up in smoke. Fortunately, it still looks good with the car having lots more angles, straight lines, and larger intakes. Actually, the front grille may be too big for some tastes, but it certainly adds to the aggression.

The hood boasts a small scoop and judging by photos of the mule, it could have a body line running up its centre.

If anything, the rear looks much more retro than anything, with a very boxy design that reminds me of a Grand National. Perhaps a Fox-body?

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What about the interior?

  • this Instagram post shares the same initial photo, but shows a bit more of the car’s interior

Continuing with the Fox-body theme, the dashboard is very boxy and driver-centric. A screen sits behind the steering wheel for the speedo and other driver information, and according to the mule, the wheel follows the trapezoidal design of the grille and will be flat-bottomed.

Moving to the centre of the dash, here will sit another screen running Ford’s Sync 4 operating system, offering Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as over-the-air updates (OTA). And just like any modern car, there will be a number of charging points in the shape of USB-C and USB outlets, as well as wireless charging for phones.

USB-C and USB outlets, wireless charging and a suite of driver safety and convenience assists will also feature.


The exciting bit – the engine

When the Ford Mustang Mach e was revealed, we were all very worried about the future of our beloved Mustang. But if leaks are to be believed, Ford will not be replacing the V8 with anything smaller or quieter.

The 5.0-litre Coyote V8 will be making its return, although we’re not sure in what form. There will be a few changes, obviously, and it’s also been rumoured that it, or maybe an EcoBoost engine, could be paired with an electric motor at some point with this partnership powering all four wheels. Either way, it would perform nicely while retaining the burble of a liquidated dinosaur.

When will it be released?

The new Mustang could be showing its face as early as next April, 2023, according to Car and Driver, with a potential release date of 2024. But as of yet Ford is being rather tight-lipped about anything Pony shaped.

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