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What Would A Lamborghini Diablo In 2020 Look Like?

To some purists, the Diablo was the last real Lamborghini, due to it being built before Audi got their pesky hands on the Italian supercar brand. It came after the Countach and had the most incredible boots to fill, and boy did it fill them. It was the perfect amalgamation of performance, style and total madness.

Personally we’d love to see Lamborghini reimagine the Diablo today, we think it would look, sound and drive like a dream. Thankfully for us, The Sketch Monkey, has had the same idea and they’ve actually designed what they think the Diablo 2021 will look like and it looks even better than we expected.

Let’s be honest when we’re talking about the Diablo’s design, the first thing that comes to mind is its iconic rear end – and The Sketch Monkey has nailed the modern reimagination of the Diablo’s rear in our opinion.

The Sketch Monkey has added massive and aggressive rear diffusers with the exhaust of the vehicle being moved up into the centre of the back end which is very reticent of the modern day Lamborghini.

On the whole, The Sketch Monkey has managed to keep the Lamborghini Diablo of old in his modern day imaginings. We think that if Lamborghini were to make the new Diablo a reality, they’d do well to take a leaf out of The Sketch Monkey’s book because lets be honest, it is stunning.

You can see the whole video below if you’d like to see the 2020 Diablo in all its glory, here is hoping Lamborghini recommission the Diablo and we see a modern imagining in the near future. However, until then, stick with Grand Tour Nation.

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