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What’s The Best Nissan GTR Widebody?

The Nissan GT-R has now become a poster car for budding car enthusiasts all over the globe. Not only is it an incredible performance car, but it’s also a also a great base car to work from. Some aftermarket companies can built a GT-R to over 1000hp without breaking a sweat. Other companies can add panels, fins and wings to build something that looks as aggressive as its performance sounds.

Here are the best widebodies on the market at the moment.

Rocket Bunny

This classic body kit turns the GTR into a drift ready whip with next to no ground clearance. But who needs ground clearance when you have a track ready toy to play with.

LB Works

Representing the best of Japanese car culture, this kit by Liberty Walk accentuates the racing pedigree of the GT-R by improving its aerodynamics and track width.


The car above is the 4-figure horsepower vehicle made by Litchfield themselves, although the widebody isn’t actually designed by them. It’s actually a remake of Nissan’s GT3 racing car. It’s made entirely of carbon fibre and is currently being prepped for a sub-7 minute time on the Nurburgring.


This Japanese widebody is certainly on the subtle end of the scale, although it still boasts a large wing and extended arches and lips.


This is the GT-R50 by Italdesign and it’s being sold in limited quantities at a price of $1.12 million. It’s based on the Nissan GT-R Nismo, and while its bodykit is quite subtle, its performance isn’t. It produces 710bhp and 575lb-ft of torque making it much faster than the standard model.

Let us know which widebody you’d take home!


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