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Woman Driver Gets Angry When She Can’t Park Hyundai In Tesla Space

We’ve seen plenty of awful drivers over the past few years, and we’ve tried to bring you the best that we’ve found, but for some reason we can’t beat a friendly woman driver telling those arguing with her to “take this”, while spanking herself. Didn’t think this piece would start like that, did you?

This Hyundai driver sure got angry after a Redditor start filming her after she parked her Elantra in space reserve solely for Tesla owners. The video, taken in a shopping mall in Toronto, shows the woman being confronted by someone annoyed by her poor parking, but wasn’t to keen to listen to what they’re saying.

She initially starts talking to a couple of police officers who are nearby, where she tells them she’s waiting for someone. While it’s difficult to make out everything she’s saying, you can hear her so she has Alzheimer’s and chose to park in this spot because it was free.

Karen throws a fit because she was told she can’t park in a reserved spot at a Tesla dealer from r/PublicFreakout

Suddenly, she whips out her phone and starts recording before the video cuts to a few minutes later where she is telling the officers, “he comes and tries to tell me what I can do. He’s not my boss.”

Even when the officers point out the signs stating that it’s Tesla-only, she complains that she “can’t see”. It’s a losing battle with this one. The video ends with her finally driving away.

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