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Woman Uses RC Car To Get Groceries And Avoid Coronavirus In China

With China on lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus, the people living there are starting to resort to… unusual… methods of going about their day to day lives. This particular woman fancied restocking her fridge, so instead of going out to the shops and risking exposure, she put a few cameras on an RC car along with a speaker and a cargo box, and piloted the toy to the local shops.

The RC looks to be a scale model of the Land Rover Defender with a number of cameras attached to it for good visibility. According to Jalopnik, the shop was a quarter-mile journey from the woman’s home. It’s a surprise the RC car was able to make the journey there and back, but it did (according to the video). I’m also surprised it maintained signal.

According to the New York Post, this is what she said through the speakers to a guard outside the shop:

“Can you please help me call the shop owner?” Chen can be heard saying in Chinese.

The guard replies, “I will fill the box up, OK? I put [the steamed buns] at the back.”

Apparently this isn’t fake, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping something like this is real. If it is, then maybe my life objective of not having to leave my bed could actually come true? One can only hope. Until then, I’ll stick with Deliveroo.

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