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World’s First AWD Miata – How Much Did It Cost?

Youtuber, Gingium, has completed his wild AWD Mazda Miata build. In his recent video, he gives a cost breakdown for all of those who may want to try a putting together a similar little ride.

Right out the gate, Gingium admits that you could have either spent a lot more, or a lot less on than he did on his Miata. Impressively, he did all the work himself, and since it totalled over 800 hours, that saved a TON on fabrication costs. On the other hand, choices like the inclusion of a turbo, or different premium bells and whistles would also drive the cost up compared to his Miata.

He did fit a ton of improvements into his budget, including a whole bunch of body work, a new fuel system, rear-mount cooling system, engine work, etc. Honestly, not much wasn’t overhauled, and that’s apparent from a quick look at the raised builds beefy stance.

The point is, that if you take some time and learn how to do it, you can build anything you want for a pretty reasonable price.

Going from a $600 loaner car, to an almost $19,000 project, represents a huge leap in value. My hat goes off to anyone, especially a younger person, who builds up the confidence and goes through the journey of modding their vehicle this much. The amount saved by doing it yourself is the main takeaway from this video, especially considering the life skills that will be learned…from shredding up the town in this bad little baby!

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