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You Can Now Buy A Heated Blanket That Plugs Into Your Car For Cosy Road Trips

I know several people who would kill for a product like this. But today, it’s come to our attention that Amazon has started selling heated blankets that can plug straight into the charger of your car.

In these cold months, there’s nothing more important than keeping warm, especially when you’re out on the road. If your car breaks down, it could be hours before someone is able to pick you up and get you inside with heating, so keeping some kind of blanket in your car should be near the top of all of our checklists. This blanket is very good at keeping you warm, and starts at a price of only £8.28.

Denny International 12V Large Electric Heated Car Van Truck Vehicle Polar Fleece Warm Cozy Travel Blanket Cab be Charge in Car Charging Socket | BLANKET001

The top rated chequered blanket is for sale on Amazon for £24.99. It promises to warm up in a mere three minutes once plugged in, and has two options of temperatures: low and high. The blanket also promises a soft and cosy design, making it the perfect gadget for you (or your passenger) in the car.

One customer reviews it with the following:

“This is so easy to use and instantly heats up.

“This will be ideal for keeping the kids warm in the back when we are travelling to see my in laws on Boxing Day as it is a long distance away.”

Sojoy 12V Heated Electric Car Blanket, 45 Minute Heating Timing Function, Easy Controller, Fleece Travel Throw for Car and RV-Great for Cold Black SJ734R073

The following blanket is perfect for our American readers, and sits at only $24.99 and features a 45 minutes heating timing function to make it extra safe.

If you’re like me and have a girlfriend who is always cold, you may end up losing this to your partner… that should come as a warning on the product.

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