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YouTuber Builds F1 Car From Matches And Burns It To The Ground

Building something extraordinary and then break it down again, just because you can – that is exactly what youtuber “The Q” did. In the video we linked down below you can watch him building a detailled model of a Formula 1 car. As he is finished, he decides to burn it to ashes:

Reportedly, The Q spent a whole week building the model and used up “a few thousand” matches in the process. Overall, the modell burnt quite a while for about 30 minutes till it turned to black dust. Anyway, the video also shows how he build the model, so if you’re up to it, you can remake it by yourself.

Also, The Q build similar models of a house and a tank you can look up on his youtube-channel. What do you think? Did you like watching the model burn down? Or did it make you cry? Let us know in the comments below.

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