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YouTuber Puts $12,000 Exhaust On Mercedes S600 For Ultimate F1 Sounds

Projet car videos are ripe on YouTube with many of them culminating thousands of views from people who are looking to do similar things to their own cars. But sometimes there’s a modification that’s just so expensive that it’s out of reach of the normal man or woman.

These modifications are usually the best though, featuring a mad change that anybody would want. That’s exactly what this is. Armed with $12,000, some experienced mechanics and a legendary V12 under the bonnet, California YouTuber fitted one hell of an exhaust system to his cheap Mercedes S600. The results are incredible as you can hear in the video below.

Sounding almost like a V10 Formula 1 car, the Mercedes V12 wails as its revs rise like it should be piloted by Michael Schumacher. Any chance they could whack one of these exhausts on the later Formula cars? That would certainly improve the way they sound, and they need it.


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  1. Interesting approach – driving a V12 that sounds like an F1 car, clearly breaking local traffic laws, but then finds a serious moral streak when another driver has a minor accident and drives away.

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