Isle Of Man TT Biker Tells Physics To Sod Off!

The TT course on the Isle of Man isn’t a forgiving one. From blind corners to mad cambers to narrow stretches of road, many bikers have fallen from their powerful steeds as they claw their way from start to finish line.

This video shows biker James Hillier pushing his Kawasaki to its full potential as he enters the corner, Ballagarey. His bike starts to fishtail. It’s almost like its trying to shake the rider off like a raging bull as he hangs on for dear life.

The fearless rider hangs on and pushes on, gaining control of his bike, and with no hesitation, carries on the race.

This is definitely one to watch – multiple times. Although after watching this, I won’t ever be seen swinging my leg over the body of a motorcycle. My balls certainly aren’t big enough.

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