James Bond: No Time To Die Teaser Trailer Released

At the finale of James Bond: Skyfall, we find Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 in a very sorry state. But with a thorough looking at by Q at the end of Spectre, James is ready to drive off in the newly restored Aston with the last (of a long line of) love interest, Madeleine Swann.

Now, the same car is featured in the latest teaser for the new Bond film, No Time To Die. Watch it below.

The new film is going to feature plenty of interesting cars, such as the new Land Rover Defender and a few new Astons, including the Valhalla. An Aston Martin DBS Superleggera will be driven by Lashana Lynch’s character Moni, as you can see from the teaser, and the DB5 can be seen opening its headlights to reveal what we’re really here for. A Velar can also be spotted performing a tight barrel roll – something Jaguar Land Rover is quite fond of.

James Bond: No Time To Die Teaser Trailer Released

The iconic Bond car is hiding a host of gadgets and weaponry, including gatling guns hidden behind the front headlights. We can guess that it may also include revolving number plates, a bullet shield at the rear, and the good ol’ ejecto seato.

James Bond: No Time To Die Teaser Trailer Released

More trailers will follow – the first one being this Wednesday – as will our breakdowns of them. So buckle up and sit back in readiness for the film which is said to premiere April 3.

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