Jeep Wrangler Defies Gravity On ‘The Chute’, Part Of An Off-Road Course

Utah is known for its large contingent of Mormons, but perhaps even more so, Utah is known for its excellent offroading offerings. The state is chock full wide open spaces and fearsome rock formations that even the most rugged of vehicles would have issues navigating.

Not this Jeep.

Agility Customs has taken a JK Wrangler and turned it into something that essentially defies the laws of physics. The front of the JK was removed and replaced with a front end from a 1960s Kaiser Jeep M715. The rear bench was then removed and the vehicle was basically turned into a pickup. Why, you might ask?

To give it rear wheel steering of course. The added space from removing the rear bench allowed the rear axles, hydraulics, and wheels to do everything the front wheels normally do. The whole package is topped off with one ton axles (front and rear), 40 inch tires, and double-triangulated four-link suspension with coilovers.

All that put together gives you what you see in the video. The Agility Customs JK was able to make it over “The Chute” with no drama. What an amazing build!

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