John Hennessey Replies To Bugatti Chiron’s 300MPH Record Run

Alongside Bugatti and Koenigsegg and a number of other automakers competing for the top speed record, sits American tuning company Hennessey Performance.

For a long time they’ve held onto a top speed record with their Hennessey Venom, which recorded a top speed of 265.57mph. And lately Hennessey has been keen to claim that their new Venom F5 will blow any car out of the water with a top speed of 311mph. Of course, this is theoretical.

Now, with Bugatti coming out of nowhere, especially after admitting that this speed record wasn’t their aim a few months ago, and breaking the record, alarm bells have started ringing in the minds behind these competing marques. Hennessey wasn’t slow to add their comments to the 304.77mph run by Andy Wallace.

John Hennessey, owner of Hennessey Performance told Top Gear the following:

“I was in Arizona when I heard the news of Bugatti’s 300mph run,” John told “I’ve been waiting for Bugatti to run a big number and I’m impressed with the speed. I thought there was a chance that the guys from Wolfsburg / Molsheim might try something like this, but felt that it probably would not happen until 2020. However, I’m surprised Bugatti did not run both directions.”

Bugatti Chiron Has Broken 300mph Barrier

It’s no surprise that he brings up a two-way measurement as this was a criticism he received in 2014. Hennessey’s latest record was approved by the Guinness Book of World Records, and was measured in two directions with an average speed taken from both runs. Bugatti’s run was verified by the TUV, Germany’s Technical Inspection Association, not Guinness. Take that how you will, but John Hennessey was obviously going to jump on this fact.

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