Lamborghini Dealership Being Sued For A White Huracan That Turned Yellow

It’s not often you see a colour changing car, especially when it’s not supposed to. A Lamborghini dealership in Montreal, Canada, is being sued for this exact reason: A Huracan Spyder they sold as white turned yellow after its purchase.

While the car was bought over two years ago with the colour change happening soon after, a suit was filed in the Quebec Superior Court only last month. reports CTVNewsAfter negotiations failed with the dealer, Calogero Caruso, who bought the car for his son after remortgaging his house to afford it, has taken the dealer to court to get back the costs of the car, CA$366,662.21 (equal to US$276,505 at current exchange rates) plus CA$50,000 (US$37,705) in damages “for stress and inconvenience and loss of work days”.

The father said it was his son’s “dream to own such a luxury vehicle”, but instead of living the dream, “it has been a total nightmare”.

After driving it home from the dealer, the father and son saw that it was slightly yellow under natural light. They took it back and told the dealer’s John Scotti confirmed this. It continued to change colour over time and the dealer eventually offered to repaint the car. But the plaintiffs refused, explaining that this would lower the value of the car.

In August of 2018, the owners of the yellowing Lamborghini returned the car to the dealer while continuing to pay the mortgage, insurance, and extra costs associated with owning the car, looking for a refund. This was denied, so now, they’re looking to get their money back,

So gang, what do you think? A hoax, or a paint job gone wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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