McLaren May Have Just F***ed Up With This One Photo

Every company posts on Instagram. In fact, if they’re not, they’ll either be late to the party or they’re not going to last for much longer. It’s all great until someone on the end of a business account screws up. And this might have just happened for the Instagram account for the British McLaren Automotive.

With a slight gaze over the Instagram post above, you’ll only see the gorgeous open wheeled Formula car. But look at the background and you’ll see a couple of interesting concept cars parked up at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey in England. Take a closer look below:

A few comments are questioning as to whether these are old 12C and P1 concepts, but others are wondering if these chassis have something to do with the new McLaren Speedtail, which McLaren promises will be the fastest car they’ve ever made in terms of top speed.

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