Video: What Happens If You Replace Your Brake Pads With IPhones?

Have you seen those horrifying video where an old person brings their car to a garage to check the brakes and the pads are worn straight through? Well this YouTube mechanic has taken it to the next level by replacing the brake pads on his old Toyota Land Cruiser with Apple IPhones – yep.

Now, you think this may be a tad silly, but the IPhone 4s last a surprisingly long time against the toils of hard braking.

As you can see from the video, he slots two IPhones either side of each front brake rotor, and with the car lifted, proceeds to test the brakes in pulses. This process does prove that they do of course work as brakes (as we expected), but don’t last too long (as we also expected).

So what did we learn from this endeavour? Um… it’s funny to break things using cars – no pun intended. Of course we don’t expect to learn anything, but it’s always entertaining to see how things react in weird scenarios, especially when it involves a car and a bit of imagination. Oh, and if you were thinking of replacing your brake pads with some very expensive tech, think again.

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