New Bugatti Chiron Spotted On the Road In South Africa

We’re aware that more Bugatti Chiron-based special editions will be hitting the market at some point in the near future, and according to an Instragram user, one may be coming sooner rather than later.

Photographed in South Africa, this Chiron sports a number of the upgrades that we don’t see on the usual car. It has the vents that the Super Sport 300+ seems to be wearing, but the elongated tail of the high-speed machine is missing on this spotted variant, as well as the stacked, shotgun-like exhaust outlets.

The front of the car looks similar to the original, with maybe a slightly more softened design, although with the low-quality of the video it’s difficult to see any specific details.

We’re unsure as to what we’re looking at, but obviously it’s a new variant of the beloved Chiron. We’ll expect to hear more about it later this year.

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