Russian Vlogger Burns His Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S To The Ground In Stunt

A Russian vlogger by the name of Mikhail Litvin has burned his gorgeous four-door Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S to the floor in a protest to the German marque as his 5 million subscribers watch in horror.

In only a few days, the video racked up over 10 million views after Litvin complained about the sheer number of issues he’d had with his super saloon. He claimed to had sent it to the dealership five times, but the dealer – apparently – refused to repair the cars.

Thanks to the resulting annoyance with the car, Litvin parked the car on a field away from any surroundings and promptly poured petrol over the outside of the car before finishing it with a few splashes inside. He then draws a trail with the remaining fuel and proceeds to cook up some sausages before lighting the car on fire.

The real reason behind the video is obvious, however. He’s doing this for views and the subscribers he’ll get from such a video. He’ll earn money through advertising, and the increased view count of his future videos, and will be able to buy the car back shortly if he wishes to do so. Think of it as an investment?

I wonder what Mercedes will think of this?

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