Terrifying Near Miss For Biker As Honda Spins In Front Of Him

I don’t ride, but I’m sure those double yellow lines in the middle of the road give you bikers a warm fuzzy feeling inside. No one’s going to overtake in front of you (you hope) so you can momentarily enjoy your own little piece of road.

I’m sure that’s what this biker was thinking as he rode his motorcycle on a mountain road before a Honda S2000 spins out in the oncoming lane and shoots across the road in front of him.

Hitting the cliff side knocks off the front bumper which then swings out in front of the biker, just missing him by mere inches.

The biker turns around to see if the driver is okay. The Honda is more than likely a write-off and the woman driver knows it as she inspects her car. Doesn’t ask if the biker’s okay, though…

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