Tesla Model 3 Receives Badass Bolt On Bodykit

The Tesla Model 3 is one hell of a car. In fact, it’s the first Tesla that’s been able to hang with cars such as the BMW M3 in regards to overall performance, and not just straight line muscle. But while it’s got an aggressive powertrain, it’s been doused in a fluffy bunny exterior. And while a lot of us quite like the sleeper style, sometimes, you need to show the world what you’ve got.

For this purpose, Californian company Vorsteine has created an all-carbon fibre body kit to give passers by just a small insight into the weapon that this car is. It’s still quite subtle, but comparable against today’s M3s and similar performance saloons with the emphasised side skirts, front splitter and larger wheels.

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Look towards the rear, though, and you’ll find a large diffusor. It hasn’t been confirmed if this actually aids downforce, but the large carbon fins paired with the spoiler that’s mounted on the rear demands some serious attention. What is weird, is that when I usually write about a bodykit, there’s always some difference to the exhaust system. Obviously, that’s not quite possible here. To be honest, there aren’t any further mechanical modifications to improve performance apart from a set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres.

Despite this, they’ve done one hell of a job and I love how such subtle changes have improved the car’s aesthetic to no end.

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