Tesla Model S Owner Saves $14,000 By Fixing It Himself

As one of the very first owners of the electric Tesla Model S, Greg Furstenwerth was also the first to find out about the extortionate prices of repairs once the car comes out of warranty. It turns out, if you watch the video above, that the Model S has been anything but reliable. And while each problem wasn’t overly complicated, they certainly carried a price tag.

I’ll give you some examples: $1000 each of the leaky rear lights, $1500 for the fronts, and $1200 for the manic door handles. In all it was going to cost him $14,000 in total to repair. Not going to happen!

With this in mind, Furstenwerth set to work on repairing it himself to avoid the silly costs that come with Tesla dealers. And if anything went wrong, he wasn’t afraid to scrap it. It turns out it was quite easy to repair. Furstenwerth said it was similar to LEGO.


Please do not try to work on your electric vehicle. There are high chances of being shocked and bodily harm.

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