These Nissan GT-R and 370Z Shooting Brakes Are Everything In Life

We hate to admit it, but Nissan’s once great run of sports cars have become dried up and out of date as of late. The GT-R was once a great car termed the ‘supercar killer’ thanks to its evolutionary technology, and the Fairlady models were as pure as you could get. But age has taken its toll on the GT-R, and the 370Z is far too heavy and detached.

But our favourite renderer, Rain Prisk has worked his magic on both sports car and now a new breath of life has been given to each as they return in the image above as shooting brakes. They’re both gorgeous and lovingly tangles the definitions of sports car and wagons. The GT-R shooting brake would be the perfect car to take to the Alps with space for plenty of luggage in the back and its high performance AWD system, and the 370Z takes on a look similar to the BMW M Coupe.

Both cars look chunky and the rear spoilers suit perfectly the bulbous rear ends they now possess. And don’t get me started on the tyre lettering, that always finishes off a design perfectly for me.

Let’s hope Rain Prisk had some more ideas on the 370Z interior, because that really does need an update, but until then, I’m going to look for a company that can do such a conversion. There has to be one out there, right?

Okay people, here’s the big question. Which one would you take home?

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