This Bentley Continental Drag Car Has 3,000HP – Madness!

A manager leaves a stressful day of work, late of course, with his only treat of the day being to drive home in the premium quality of his Bentley Continental GT. It’s a massage of a drive home, with supple leather and a smooth W12 under the right foot. It is a GT car, after all.

This Continental you see below hasn’t quite got the same underpinnings as the standard model. In the W12’s place sits a twin-turbo V8 monster with 10.2-litres of oomph waiting to unleash itself on the drag strip. The big numbers don’t end there either, as the engine produces 3086bhp – a startling amount from what was a subtle kerb dweller.

Of course this car is born for the dragstrip so isn’t of much use on the road. But when its rubber does hit that of the strip, it reaches 60mph in just 1 second, and will eat up the quarter mile in just 7.39 seconds at 207mph.

The man who’s brave enough to drive this hellish abomination is Steve Neimantas who bought the stock Bentley second hand for £19,000. And after a week of driving it, longed for more. He stripped it of any unnecessaries (which he then sold for £13,000), then set to work on building what is probably the fastest Conti to the song of £250,000.

While this car may be able to obliterate any road car ever created, what I really love about it is how subtle it looks to the inexperienced. Its tyres are larger, yes, but stand back and you wouldn’t see a difference. The difference only comes when the key is turned. That’s when the noise, and the fun, begins.


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