Top Gear: Chris Harris Gives Us A Behind The Scenes Tour Of Famous James Bond Cars

The motoring journalist turned Top Gear presenter Chris Harris has wowed us with his enthusiasm for motoring when he took up a main spot on the BC show’s roster. But it turns out that James Bond really sets his heart aflutter. So of course, the BBC team had to let him loose in front of the camera with some of the cars that featured in the most recent episode of Top Gear.

He talks us through the iconic BMW Z8 sports car that was cut in half with Pierce Brosnan’s 007 behind the wheel, the legendary Lotus Esprit that transformed into a submarine, and the bright green XKR that was part of the, let’s face it, worst Bond film so far?

His enthusiasm is infectious throughout the video as he talks us through some of the most memorable cars in history. It’s a great video, albeit a little short, and a great reminder of just how influential these films have been.

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