Toyota Replaces Hero’s Tundra After Being Destroyed In California Fires

The fires in California have been devastating, but if you’re tired of all the sh*t news from the last couple of weeks of fires and Brexit, this might be the heart-warming story you’ve been waiting for.

Allyn Pierce, a brave nurse in possession of a Toyota Tundra risked his and his car’s life by helping evacuate stranded people from Paradise Hospital. This is where he’s lead nurse of the intensive care unit, but he pushed is responsibility further than most and for that, us and many others are extremely thankful.

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Unfortunately for him however, his car was charred badly and plastic parts melted from it being driven through the fires not just once, but twice. The good guys at Toyota saw what this brave man had done and promised a replacement car completely free of charge, and it’s just been delivered.

The Rockstar Garage, who had also offered their services had Toyota not gone through with their promise, will be modifying the new vehicle for the happy owner. Pierce is now unfortunately without a home or workplace after the worst fire in California history destroyed everything for 150,000 acres. It has also taken 83 lives.

So if you’re sat at home doing nothing, try and do something good today. Give to charity, help someone out, say something nice to someone. It makes a difference.

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