This Is A VTEC Powered Porsche – Are You Horrified?

The LS engine is arguably one of the most loved and hated engines in the world. Everyone knows it, and everyone has an opinion. While I agree that the LS engine is incredible, it’s not the be all and end all of engines – and it’s certainly not an original choice for an engine swap.

When people started putting LS engines in 911s people were appalled. “Why ruin such a perfect car?” They’d shout. I wonder what they’ll shout when they find out this 911 has a Honda engine… a K20A2 out of an RSX Type S to be specific.

It’s pushing an estimated 400hp and is sure to annoy the strong Porsche fans, but I can’t help but smile as I hear VTEC kick in when I should be hearing the purr of the beloved flat 6.

What do you think about Porsche engine swaps? Should it be up to the owner, or should they leave it alone?

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