The World’s Fastest Cadillac Has An Insane Turbo

The Cadillac CTS-V is already a pretty powerful car. It has a supercharged Corvette V8 and can handle as well (developed at the Nurburgring, James’ favorite place). With 640 HP at your disposal, it’s hard to imagine that owners would need any more power, but let’s not kid ourselves. We car guys and gals always want more, right? What seemed like enough power yesterday suddenly feels woefully inadequate a day later. I know the feeling, dudes.

Take this particular Cadillac CTS-V, for instance. This thing can run a 7.65 quarter mile, and that’s before it’s 100% dialed in, where the owner wants to hit a 6.90/6.92 quarter mile time! With a single 106mm turbocharger, this CTS-V has approximately 1900 HP, giving it the honor of being the fastest CTS-V in the world. But it doesn’t end there; the car currently has a 2000+ HP badge on its trunk, meaning the 1900 HP it currently has? Yeah, it’s not enough.

The CTS-V on display here had just been finished the weekend before the video was shot, so it was essentially out on its maiden voyage at the strip. The owner mentioned that the first pass was run at a low boost just to see what it was like. A sub 10 second time just to play around with…wow. Check out the video above where the CTS-V gets to race against its Corvette brother. And watch as the owner looks extremely disappointed at a mid-8 second run, something I personally would be jumping for joy about.

Drag racing isn’t really my thing, but I can appreciate an awesome build when I see one, so props to the owner for working on achieving his dream car. I would love to see how this beast performs around a road course, you know…once it has the handling dialed in for a non-drag setup. Maybe someday?

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