Is This The World’s Fastest Sandwich Truck?

If you woke up this morning and the first thought in your head was “Man, there aren’t enough videos of insanely fast food trucks out there,” then boy howdy, today is your lucky day.

Bob Wilding, the owner of this DFSK Sandwich Truck sent us these videos of the truck at the drag strip putting down some insane times. Let’s hope there wasn’t any food in the back!

This first video comes from Santa Pod and features the truck pulling in an 11.84 second run.

That’s fast than any food truck has any business going.

This second video feature the truck going to head to head with a Ferrari 458. “No contest,” you say to yourself, “it’s a Ferrari 458.” Well, keep watching, friends:

The truck comes from a fleet of vehicles sold by Mr. Wilding ( Billed as the fastest snack delivery vehicle, it appears that the “Optimus” is actually meant to function as a delivery vehicle. Granted, the one that raced at Santa Pod had a few enhancements!

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