World’s Most Powerful Nissan GT-R Almost Breaks DYNO

Since the car’s conception in 2007, tuners and meddlers have flocked to it for its tuning potential. It’s been proven that the car can easily handle 1000hp, but Extreme Turbo Systems are well known for turning things to eleven.

A simple bolt on and tune from these guys will see your Nissan GTR packing 700hp, but on their own car, they take things a bit further than that.

This car has a full stroked out 4.1-liter long block adding 0.3-liters of needed displacement. On top of that, they’ve given it their drag specific turbo kit which will take the power levels up to 2,300awhp.

Take a look at the video where there 2018 GT-R, which now hits over 3000awhp, rips up the Dyno with a recorded 3046whp right at the wheels – so much power, the upper pipe blows off as the car hits peak boost.

We can’t wait to see this car hit the track and take the 1/2 mile record from the Lamborghini we wrote about a week or so back. Let’s see if it can.

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