You Can Now Buy This V12 Zonda Powered Mercedes SL

The Mercedes-Benz SL73 was one of the most powerful sports cars ever made by the German marque, and since it, or rather its powertrain, has become that of legend. This is where the Horacio Pagani looked when he wanted to build one of the world’s most insane supercars, the Zonda.

With a 7.3-litre V12 hidden under the long bonnet, this rear-wheel drive sports car was capable of producing 518bhp and 553lb-ft of torque. As you’ve guessed, that was more than enough to make this car into a real handful, so was perfect for a supercar with much more aero and mechanical grip, but with an intended hooligan essence that made it so popular. And of course, its soundtrack.

But these SL73s were rare, with AMG only building somewhere around 50 units – specific records have never been made available. But now this one is coming up for auction.

It’s done 35,000km (22,000 miles), and is pristine both inside and out. This Black on Black edition is expected to sell through RM Sotheby’s for a price of $250-$300k after a life in Japan.

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