Zombie Car Wreck Halloween Display Shocks Neighbors

The Negrottos of Ocean Township have created one of the coolest Halloween displays I have ever seen. As a result, people were offended, because of course. Even the police were on the Negrottos side, offering suggestions to improve the display after being called to investigate.

Krysten and Kevin Negrotto created an entire backstory for their zombie display, even going so far as to include a “news report” detailing the start of the infection. The couple then used their Toyota Supra to pin the zombie to a tree and detached the front bumper for added effect. Toss in a liberal dose of blood splatters, and you’ve got yourself a cool display.

The police were called and by law they were required to respond, but they thought the display was pretty cool. In fact, they encouraged the couple to add more. Most of the responses have been positive, but of course there are those that are just out to kill any sort of fun.

One passing car yelled out that the Negrottos were going to “grow up to be horrible individuals.” Another said that it would have been better to depict someone getting stabbed with a knife. Says Krysten, “How is that better?”

The couple is currently in the process of adding a second zombie to the display named Zombie Cindy.

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