Episode 3 of The Grand Tour Have Critics and Fans Raving Again

After episode two, there was a lot of grumbling amongst the media and fans that the boys may have lost it and without the formula they built at Top Gear, they were simply going to flame out.

Well, after seeing all the reviews of the premiere of Episode 3, it would be safe to say that most of those critics have some egg on their face and the following reactions will show you why:

If you loved the boys in their Top Gear days and found the first two episodes a little too brash, then this one will please you a lot, as it’s the closest we’ve come to an old-school Clarkson, Hammond and May special. – Tom Eames, Digital Spy

Happily the series literally got back on track in part three, with a welcome emphasis on revving engines and road trips to exotic locals (but not so exotic that it felt like an action movie on the cheap). With the “live” segments shot in the Yorkshire fishing village of Whitby, it was also the first occasion the crew had returned to Britain since departing the BBC and retreating into their comfort zone clearly suited them. – Ed Power, Telegraph

Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new show is part tease, part watch advert – with swearing and stunts that would give the BBC standards committee palpitations – Mark Lawson, The Guardian







We gave our thoughts on episode 3 and hope you can as well in the comments below.

What were your favorite moments?

Where does this episode rank amongst the boys all-time/non-xmas special episodes?

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