F1 News: Watch The Huge Crash Between Nicholas Latifi And Lance Stroll During Qualifying

During the final couple of minutes of Q1, Nicholas Latifi and Lance Stroll have a huge crash leaving the Williams car with a huge amount of damage after it’s thrown across the track.

The details are messy, but it looked as though Latifi let Stroll pass him in his Aston Martin at Turn 4. But as Stroll then began to move out the way of an Alfa Romeo piloted by Zhou Guanyu who was coming up on the left, Latifi then began to accelerate again up the right side of Stroll through Turn 5.

This ended with Stroll turning right into the Williams, receiving damage itself, and knocking both itself and Latifi’s Williams out of qualifying.

Pundits are putting this incident down to a “misunderstanding” after they expect that Stroll was radioed to move to the right.

The marshals of the track are now clearing quite a mess up off the track before Q2.

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