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A Biography On Max Verstappen Is Racing To Print After Controversial Formula 1 Victory

Last Sunday brought us one of the most controversial wins in Formula 1 history as Max Verstappen took first place in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. With Lewis Hamilton following second and Lando Norris taking third, fans have been torn as to the specifics behind the win.

With just five laps left to go, the safety car was brought out. Verstappen, who was second at the time, pitted for fresh tyres, but Hamilton stayed on track with tyres that were tired from hard racing. When the safety car returned to the pits, Lewis had no choice but to yield to Max and his new rubber, which allowed him to overtake easily.

Mercedes have now launched a number of protests as to the regulations behind these last couple of laps, but until this pans out, Max is our 2021 world champion. And now, there’s an unauthorised biography being released.

This is what the press release had to say about the upcoming book, written by André Hoogeboom:

Max Verstappen is Formula 1’s sensational new superstar. Born into motorsport, Max started karting aged four and in 2015 became the youngest driver ever to race in F1, less than six months after his 17th birthday. Following his first Grand Prix victory in 2016, he quickly established himself as a future World Champion and by 2021 his goal was in sight. Like a true Dutch Master, he has brought fresh artistry into F1 and made this most glamorous of sports even more exciting. This unauthorised biography, written by a leading Dutch F1 journalist, examines Max’s remarkable rise to worldwide fame, covering every step of his career in detail as well providing insights into his spirited character and supreme talent.

The book will cover key moments of the young racing driver’s life, including his early years behind the wheel of karts and his first title in Belgium in 2006. Hoodeboom also talks about Max’s move to Red Bull, and how this led to his championship success.

The book will be published on February 17th of next year.

Alex Harrington

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