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Abbie Eaton Thanks Fans For GoFundMe Support After Major Racing Incident

Abbie Eaton, a talented racing driver made famous for being The Grand Tour’s first female racing driver and fan-favourite, has thanked fans for the support shown on the GoFundMe campaign that was put together by fellow racing driver, Jamie Stanley.

In October of this year, she suffered from two fractured vertebrae after her car was flung into the air after hitting a sausage kerb during a race in Austin, Texas at Turn 15 of the Circuit of Americas. She’s been recovering since with physical therapy and specialist physiotherapy, and to help with the associated costs and loss of work, Jamie Standley set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for her.

This campaign raised £29,655 over only a couple of days, and now with Abbie and Jamie deciding to shut the campaign down, they’ve thanked fans for the strong support.

Abbie took to Twitter to post the following:

After having an overwhelming amount of support, @jsrworld and I have decided to take down the Go Fund Me account as the chequered flag drops on today’s F1. Thank you all so much for your kind donations and support. I’ll be posting an update tomorrow.

Jamie also responded to fans on Twitter to update fans:

I’ll be ending the fundraiser at the chequered flag of todays Grand Prix as thanks to the overwhelming generosity of so many people we have raised more than I hoped we could. Thanks to everyone for donating and sharing I know this money will make a massive difference to Abbie.

Fans were quick to reply to the W Series racing driver, with one writing: “Get we’ll soon Abbie! Racing definitely needs you back out on the track!”

Another added: “So good to see you’re getting so much amazing support, I hope this helps you towards a fast recovery.”

A third noted that they were at the event and saw the crash: “My son and I were there at COTA and saw the incident. It looks nasty. I wish you a speedy and full recovery.”

Abbie finished 13th in the drivers’ standings.

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