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Andrew Tate Spites Lewis Hamilton in Re-surfaced Video: “Break His Spine!”

Andrew and Tristan Tate, two individuals with a history of sparking controversy and causing offense through their online presence, have targeted seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton in a recently surfaced video. Andrew Tate, in particular, is well-known for his strong misogynistic views and this video is no exception, as he and his brother Tristan make disrespectful comments about Hamilton and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger.

In the video, they mention that Hamilton is vegan and seem to use this as a point of ridicule, adding it to their list of grievances against the F1 driver. They also bring up Hamilton’s past relationship with singer Nicole Scherzinger, which ended in 2015. Tristan even goes so far as to say that Hamilton “would not be making an impression” on Scherzinger compared to her previous partners, further demonstrating their lack of respect for both the racing driver and the singer.

2022 Mexico City Grand Prix 2022, Saturday – LAT Images

Andrew said to the camera:

“It’s not impressive, I can do that. Get in a car, start, go, left, right, f**k it I’ll go right now. Can’t beat me at this s**t, give me it, give me the car. They won’t give me the car because they know I’ll win. That’s why they won’t give me the car”

Tristan Tate, the brother of Andrew, continued to joke about the 7-time world champion.

“If Lewis Hamilton got out of his car, and I had to fight him for his car, he’s like this tall.

Andrew then continued to spite Hamilton.

“Break his Spine! Snap it! Like crumble him into a ball.”

Andrew Tate has a history of causing offense on social media platforms. He was previously banned from Twitter for his controversial and hateful posts, but was allowed back on when Elon Musk took over the platform. However, this has recently landed him in trouble, as both he and Tristan were arrested in Romania following an online altercation with environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

It is unfortunate that individuals like Andrew and Tristan Tate continue to spread hate and disrespect through their online presence. Their actions and words contribute to a toxic and harmful environment, and it is important to hold them accountable for their behavior. It is hoped that their arrest in Romania will serve as a reminder of the consequences of their actions and inspire them to reconsider their approach to communication in the future.

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