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Aston Martin Formula One Team Hires Ferrari Veteran Enrico Cardile as Chief Technical Officer

Aston Martin has announced a strategic appointment that is set to energize their technical team for upcoming challenges in the Formula One landscape. Enrico Cardile, with a robust two-decade tenure at Ferrari, where he served as Technical Director for Chassis and Aerodynamics, is poised to join Aston Martin as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) starting 2025. Cardile will be based at the team’s Silverstone headquarters in the United Kingdom, gearing up for significant regulatory changes planned for 2026 in the F1 circuit.

Lawrence Stroll, the Executive Chairman of Aston Martin, expressed immense enthusiasm about the new addition to their team. He stated, “I would like to welcome Enrico to Aston Martin Aramco as we look to reinforce the technical leadership team ahead of significant regulation changes in 2026. I am thrilled that we continue to attract world-class talent to our team.” Stroll further remarked on the alignment of ambitions between Cardile and the Aston Martin brand, emphasizing the comprehensive resources that will be at Cardile’s disposal. He added, “Enrico shares my motivation to be successful in F1 and will have all the resources available to him to realize that ambition. Together with Andy Cowell joining as Group CEO in October and our existing leaders, we are creating a formidable team.”

Adding to the chorus of welcomes, Mike Krack, Team Principal at Aston Martin, highlighted the expected contributions of Cardile to the team, noting, “I am delighted to welcome Enrico to Aston Martin Aramco. Enrico has nearly 20 years of experience at Ferrari and will offer a fresh perspective to our technical strategy.” Krack described this recruitment as pivotal, “This is a key appointment for the team as we build towards the new 2026 regulations – an important next step on our journey.”

From Cardile’s perspective, the new role represents a significant chapter in his career. His thoughts resonate with a blend of anticipation and readiness for the task at hand. “I’m looking forward to joining Aston Martin Aramco. The ambition and desire are clear, and it is a unique opportunity to be part of that journey,” Cardile remarked. He added, “This is a personal and professional challenge and I look forward to working with the team to bring success to this iconic brand.”

The strategic timing of this appointment underlines Aston Martin’s intent to significantly bolster their team in preparation for the game-changing Formula One regulations set to be introduced in 2026. Cardile’s profound experience in chassis and aerodynamics will be crucial as the team looks to reposition itself as a formidable contender under the evolving technical conditions of F1 racing.

This move is not just about enhancing technical capabilities, but it is also a clear signal of Aston Martin’s long-term strategy to infuse their team with top-tier talent and leadership, preparing for a future that demands innovation, agility, and strategic foresight in one of the most competitive sports globally. As these pieces come together, the F1 community and fans of Aston Martin are set to witness a potentially transformative era in motorsport for the iconic brand.


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