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Daniel Ricciardo makes “way less” than Max Verstappen

Anyone who follows F1 knows that the friction between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo made an eventual split inevitable.  However, many people believed that at least part of the reason Danny left, was to make more money at Renault.

There is no doubt that Danny Ricciardo is an amazing driver.  Renault made an intelligent move when they acquired him from a Red Bull team that had him, and the rising star, Max Verstappen in their garage.  RedBull, according to Danny, treated Max better than Danny, and that, as they say makes for too many chefs in the kitchen.

Monaco in 2018 was the last time Danny got on the podium however, meanwhile, Max has enjoyed champagne showers with RedBull nine times with their new Honda powerplant in 2019.  This success has led to pay commensurate with results.

Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, revealed in an interview that Max is one of the top paid drivers in F1, and said “I tell you Max is very, very well paid – top two, top three, the Ricciardo deal is way less than us.”

Good for Max, but with the current F1 season in flux due to travel restrictions, and talk of major powerplant changes in the upcoming season, perhaps RedBull has overpaid and Renault got the real win?

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