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Ex-F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin Loses Property Worth £100 MILLION To Italian Authorities

23-year-old F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin was sacked by the Haas F1 team shortly after the Russia- Ukraine war went mainstream. Thereafter, Mazepin and his father Dmitry Mazepin, who is known to have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, have attracted global sanctions against themselves.

As a result, the Italian Financial Police have seized their luxury villa on the North East Coast of Sardinia in the Portisco area of Olbia- a place popular for attracting huge Russian Investment.

Called ‘Rocky Ram’, the Villa boasts beautifully sculpted gardens, a kidney-shaped swimming pool, and has 25 rooms. It was purchased in 2012 from an Italian newspaper editor and is co-owned by Nikita and his father Dmitry.

As per the Italian Financial Police, the villa is owned by a company called Ferimod Investments in Cyprus which was set up in 2009 with Mazepin being the ultimate beneficiary.

“Following verifications on subjects that are part of the current European Union sanctions list, an impounding order was served on Dmitry Mazepin and his son Nikita Mazepin, a driver with the Formula 1 team Haas until March 5, on a residential complex worth 105 million Euro and traceable to both through an overseas company,” An Italian Financial Police Spokesperson told MailOnline.

Described as a member of the closest circle of Putin, on the European Union Sanctions list, Dmitry was said to have attended a meeting with the Russian President on the day the war with Ukraine broke out. Dmitry was also an important stakeholder in the former Haas sponsor Uralkali.

Nikita has said the following lines in an interview last week: “I don’t agree with being in sanctions and I’ve said previously that I intend to fight it.

Perhaps now is not the right time because if you look at the whole situation that’s happening against athletes in the general case, it’s cancel culture against my country.”

He also expressed that there were risks in expressing his stand on the war with Ukraine.

“I see tremendous risks in saying anything at all about this case because I will never satisfy everyone and therefore I will keep myself publicly quiet.” He said.

“Regardless of what you say or do there is an army of critics waiting to parse every one of my words, every single thing you do.”

Since his contract was cancelled with the Haas F1 team, Nikita has been working on this newly launched foundation ‘We Compete As One’ to support sanctioned Russian athletes.

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