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F1: Alex Albon Reacts To His Race-Ruining Incidents With Lewis Hamilton

Williams driver Alex Albon has revealed that despite having two huge crashes with 7-time champion Lewis Hamilton, he doesn’t blame him for potentially influencing his career under the Red Bull team.

Albon’s time at Red Bull went quickly as his performance didn’t quite match what was expect4ed from team principal Christian Horner. He struggled in a seat built for then-teammate Max Verstappen, and as the racing went on, the pressure on his shoulders only grew higher.

Of course, when the podium was in sight, this was soon taken away by Lewis Hamilton

The Thai-British driver talked on the Beyond the Grid podcast about how gaining those results could have changed his career.

“I do remember in one of the races I was getting bashed like ‘where’s your performance?’ and I was like ‘Hold on a minute, it wasn’t even that bad, everyone chill out a bit,’” he told fans.

“I think a result would have quietened everything down. I would have had the next six, seven races with a bit less of that noise because the noise started from the very first race of the year it was there. It was quite intense.”

– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

Lewis Hamilton has taken a podium from the driver twice, once in Brazil in 2019 where the Mercedes driver clipped Albon into a corner, resulting in a P14 finish for the then-Red Bull driver. The next hit came in Austria the following year as Hamilton once again ruined his race. “This guy is such a sore loser!” the driver shouted through the radio.

“I would never, never blame Lewis for what’s happened to me. It’s all on me,” Albon says now.

“It’s just one of those things. He apologised and honestly, I look at the Brazil one and think I could have done my part in avoiding a crash in some places. I always look at crashes between drivers and it’s never 100-0, there’s always a little bit of give and take in most of these incidents.”

Albon didn’t clear Hamilton entirely, however, as he joked:

“The Austria one, though, I do think is his fault, for the record.”

Alex Harrington

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