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F1 Driver Charles Leclerc On Mercedes: At “Some Point Every Team Will Stop Winning”

At “some point every team will stop winning,” says Charles Leclerc when asked about Mercedes. For seven years the team has been a dominant part of F1, but this year even 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is struggling to get anywhere close to a podium.

Mercedes, like most teams on the grid, are struggling with porpoising, which is meaning they have to run the car higher than they’d like. This has led to lower amounts of downforce, and therefore less grip. Sat third in the Constructor Standings, Mercedes is now wondering whether they should throw in the towel and just plan for next year instead as Ferrari and Red Bull take the wins.

“I think that at some point every team will stop winning,” Leclerc told

“It’s always strange when such a dominant team is in trouble at the beginning of a season.”

Fans were excited to see Mercedes reaching the podium during the Spanish Grand Prix as it looked as though the team had a handle on what was causing the porpoising, but Monaco brought more bad luck as the car was bouncing once again on the streets.

Hamilton, who has complained about the car since, finished in P8 with teammate George Russell coming in P5.

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– Mercedes AMG F1 Media

“I wouldn’t write them off for a long time because I know what a strong team they are,” Leclerc continued.

“What they have achieved in the past was no coincidence. It’s the result of when the right people work together.

“Yes, they had a difficult start to the season but I have no doubt that they will be back very soon.

“They took a first step forward in Barcelona and I hope they will be back soon and will compete with us for victories. It would be exciting for Formula 1 to see three teams battle it out.”

Currently, Hamilton sits 34 points behind Russell who is fourth in the Driver Standings.

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