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F1 Fans React to Christian Horner Character in Drive to Survive Season 4

Let’s face it, every story needs a villain and Netflix has decided to build that narrative around 48 year old Englishman, Christian Horner. Unlike most binge watching on Netflix, the outcome is already known with Max Verstappen and Horner’s Red Bull team taking home a controversial World Championship, breaking Mercedes unprecedented streak of championships this past decade.

The anticipation is to see what events led to the build up of such a infamous moment in Formula 1 and the story tellers at Netflix knew they had to really emphasize on the characters of this amazing story.

They might have taken it just a bit too far as many fans on social media are now calling for Horner’s head and even calling out his famous wife, Geri Halliwell of Spice Girl fame (Pop Girl Band for you youngsters).

The narrative seems to be that Horner is obsessed with breaking Mercedes championship run and domination of Formula 1. Let’s go with Steve Jobs level competition in beating Microsoft or Elon Musk level trolling of Jeff Bezos after passing him for richest person in the galaxy.

And the fans have noticed:

Again, Christian Horner is the perfect person to play the villain in this Netflix series. He’s the evil bond character, Owen Shaw in Fast and the Furious and the green guy from my Lucky Charms cereal box all wrapped into one!

The real question is going to be if Horner can own this personality and own this caricature of himself in the public and separate it from his true self.

Time will tell, but it’s time to get back to finishing up this series!

Do you think this is Horner’s true personality or do you think Netflix is just doing an amazing job with story telling?

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