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F1 Fans React To Lamborghini F1 Car Livery

Lamborghini competed in Formula One in the 1990’s with the F1 car Lambo 291. It was powered by a massive V12 engine and the power went to its rear wheels through a six-speed transmission.

The chassis was made out of carbon fibre that resulted in a total weight of around 1124 lbs. However, Lamborghini never had its official F1 team. They just didn’t want the brand name on the car as it didn’t want it to affect the brand’s ‘public image’. So, the team was called Modena.

They witnessed failure in the first season itself. You can imagine the kind of performance they managed if the best they could do was achieve 7th place once at the US Grand Prix. Lambo bosses didn’t want to bleed more money into a failing team and as a result, they never returned to Formula One.

Coming to the main point, a fan on Reddit has come up with an F1 livery concept of a ‘Lamborghini’ F1 car which to describe it in one word looks ‘stunning!’

Fans are going gaga over the concept and we thought we’d share some reactions from fans:

Despite it being Utopian, would you want to see Lamborghini get back to F1?

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