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F1: Max Verstappen Proves He’s The Best Villain With His New Private Jet

Max Verstappen has proven he’s the perfect villain with his new private jet. This is why it makes F1 (and Drive to Survive) so much better.

What do all supervillains have in common? A bad ass attitude, hot temper, striking outfits, a couple of men with guns around them and, what else? Of course, an intimidating form of transport that is usually coloured black. While big mafia bosses are known to have Black Escalades and Maybachs, the other infamous rulers of the underworld we could imagine might be flying around in Black jets.

While we’ve seen Verstappen display a lot of the qualities mentioned above, which we would talk about eventually. Let us first have a look at his private jet that straightaway makes him the villain of F1.

A PH-DTF – Falcon 900EX that was painted Black and Red, Max Verstappen’s private jet clearly gives out a mean and ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe. One glance of the aircraft and you just know it belongs to someone having many drinks inside and a couple of girls around his chair while he discusses the plot of taking over ‘the game’ with his men.

– Red Bull Content Pool

Or perhaps you’d imagine a lot of couches, girls (again, of course), men dressed in Black and Red robes making evil plans. While all this could sound a bit too much, the jet does make you think that way. If it were to be in a supervillain movie, we’re sure that they’d be trying to get their hands on some kryptonite.

Not too long ago, the plane belonged to Virgin boss Richard Branson until Max Verstappen bought it from him in 2020 for €12 million. It costs around $1 million per year just to maintain and fly the jet.

Quite frankly, the jet suits Max Verstappen’s demeanor. He has been named the villain of F1 earlier as a result of his behavior on-track and around the press. In 2018, when Esteban Ocon attempted to unlap himself at the Brazilian Grand Prix, Verstappen made contact with his car. As a result, both cars spun. Verstappen lost a few seconds and came P2.

The incident didn’t end there. Verstappen was heard on the radio saying  “I hope I can’t find him now in the paddock because that guy has a f****** problem”. He also called Ocon an idiot for taking the risk.After the race, Verstappen confronted Ocon on the weighbridge, pushed him multiple times and even tried to punch him before FIA officials intervened.

Verstappen has been known to take his frustration out on the press as well. He once told journalists that he would “headbutt” anyone who asks him questions about his past incidents on-track.

Someone once advised that Max Verstappen may benefit after consulting a psychologist to which, he replied, “If they come to me with a psychologist, I’ll kick them out right away.” A few former F1 drivers have suggested he learn and control his temper as it could come in the way of his growth in the sport.

While most don’t display similar behaviour in F1, Verstappen’s behaviour is only a result of his temper and nothing more. Anger and passion ignite a lot of energy in racing. Who knows, the same energy could be responsible for his success today.

– Red Bull F1 Content Pool

In addition, Verstappen’s controversies sometimes help put up a good show in a pool of well-behaved sportsmen. He adds spice to the Drive to Survive story, just like any villain does in an action movie. Without them, a movie would not be worth watching at all. The same is the case with F1.

We don’t encourage bad behaviour in any way. We’re in for safe and dignified racing. All we’re doing is pointing out Max’s qualities that actually make the sport more interesting in a way. Max Verstappen then, is the real ‘Red Bull‘ of F1.

Do you agree?

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